Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Narrative writing

There once lived a kitten with an broken hand on the streets it was lying on the ground with a poster saying “FOR FREE PLEASE TAKE ME”.  Along came a little girl called Angel and her mum they saw a cat lying on the ground. Angel picked it up and  took  the poor cat  as her  pet. When they got home she took care of it and named the cat PINKY, after she cuddled PINKY Angel put her down and PINKY slept.

The next day Angel woke up and PINKY was beside her, Angel then asked  “ARE YOU HUNGRY”, and PINKY replied by licking her paws. Angel thought that she might be hungry so she got out of her bed.  Angel headed down with PINKY on her shoulders,  Angel opened the fridge slowly and grabbed the milk and got a bowl.  She then tipped the milk into the bowl suddenly the milk splashed onto PINKY’S and she then licked her face and drank the rest of her milk in her bowl. Angel went back upstairs and got changed then took PINKY for a walk.  Angel decided that she wanted  an ice-cream. She was gonna walk in the shop and suddenly saw the sign that saying  no animals inside. Angel gave her kitten to a little girl that was sitting outside waiting for her mum Angel asked  “can you please hold my kitten I’ll be fast”. Angel ran into the shop and asked for her ice-cream the little girls mum walked out and said  “let’s go”,  but the little girl  replied  “NO”  and told the mum I have to wait for the kittens owner. The mum was grumpy and made the little girl leave PINKY while Angel was still in the shop. Angel ran out licking her ice-cream she saw PINKY was not there, Angel dropped her ice-cream and started to panic. She ran around the streets asking people if they've seen a little girl holding a kitten with a broken paw they all replied   “NO”.  Angel began to cry as she was  running on the streets looking for her kitten. Angel couldn't find PINKY so she went home and made posters of her  lost kitten.

On the next day Angel woke up early and went looking for PINKY she was sweating and shaking as she ran around.  Walking around the corner she sees the girl that took care of PINKY.  Angel ran towards her and asked  “WHERE IS MY KITTEN” the little girl said  “SHE IS AT MY HOUSE BUT SHE IS OK”  so Angel followed the little girl home to get back PINKY.  As they were nearing the little girls house she became very excited and started to jump around.
Angel walked inside her home and she ran into her room so her mum didn't see her. Once she got into her room she promised  PINKY  that she will never give leave her alone with a stranger again. Angel learnt a good lesson and she was very happy to get her kitten.




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